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Hope for the excluded

The „Association of missionary christians Selimbar“ is a group of people who would like to be a ray of hope for and do their service in Rumania.

Thanks to various support measures throughout the years the House of Hope evolved into a multigenerational house.

  • Firstly some girls live at the house. They originate from villages that do not offer a higher education than primary school or any apprenticeship places. Often the girls’ bad family situations make their future prospects even worse.
  • Secondly there are hardly any options for the elder generation to live and be cared for. There are only a very few institutions run by the german protestant church. We are very grateful for the great community. The girls play with the seniors, they take a walk or have a coffee together.
  • During the summer holidays we carry out camps for children with a poor background on our own facilities.
  • We will continue to help and support according to our financial and material means.
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