Dear Friend of House of Hope,
It is a blessing for me to greet you again, especially in this Christmas season when we remember the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! May the joy of His advent fill your hearts during these days when we turn our attention to Jesus.
When I last wrote, I thought that we would have 11 girls at House of Hope this fall. Instead we have 12! Threeof the girls are artending university, so 9 of them are in high school, with most of them artending the Christian high school. Alina is now in her makes her home Situation difficult.
Four of the girls are from the same family in the village of Dobarca. There are a total of 8 children in that family. Another family, located in the village of Garbova has 14 children, some of which are now married. The three girls from that family are in the middle of the sibling order. These two large families are Christian families and these girls he 1p to set a good example of hard work and getting along with one another. However all of these girls could not have afforded to artend school if they did not have House of Hope available to them. In the picture above, there are only 10 girls. One still had a class in the evening and the other had the week off of university classes and was home with her family.

The directors were not sure they could accept the 3 girls from Garbova due to financial reasons. These girls volunteered to live without heat and to eat only potatoes and water to keep down the cost of their living at House of Hope. Of course, we would not ask them to live this way, but that is an indicator of how much it means to them to have this place to live. The parents and siblings of the two large families came this summer to help paint and renovate the area in the building where the girls now stay. The mother from Garbova often bakes cakes for the senior citizens in the home, äs well äs for the girls. In the evening the girls often sing and pray together.
Each girl has a senior upstairs whom they visit on a regulär basis, during which they read the Bible and pray. The girls voluntarily clean the first floor of the building, which is now where they live. Recently after it snowed, the girls made a snowman for the seniors to see out the window. It was a treat for those older folks to see the girls making the snowman for them. Right now there are approximately 40 seniors in the building.staying there. At the beginning of the summer, the last of the men moved out. We are praying for a mild winter.
The elevator debt that I mentioned in the last letter is one-third of the way paid off. We praise the Lord for the generosity of many of you who receive this letter!

One concern is paying for the heating of the building this year. In the past 4 years, construction workers lived in part of the building, most of them working on the by-pass around Sibiu and an interstate highway being built. They helped to pay for the heating and electricity in exchange for staying there. At the beginning of the summer, the last of the men moved out. We are praying for a mild winter.
The elevator debt that I mentioned in the last letter is one-third of the way paid off. We praise the Lord for the generosity of many of you who receive this letter!Included in this letter (or attached if you get this by email) is a thank-you letter written by one of the girls who studies at the university in Sibiu. Her English is very good and I do not know of anyone who corrected her letter.
As usual, if the Lord directs you to send a donation, the address is Greater Europe Mission, P.O. Box 1669, Monument, CO 80132. Please designate your gift for House of Hope. Thank you.
May you and your family have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and a Healthy and Wonderful New Year. God Bless You!
With love from Romania,

Dear Friend of House of Hope,

Greetings to you who have shown interest in the ministry of House of Hope! Thanks to many of you who have given financially, have prayed, and have read these letters. The ministry is moving forward and I am blessed to be able to keep you informed, even though it has been some time since I have written.

During the last school year there were äs many äs 10 girls at the Home. The two girls who were  working decided they were ready to move on to more independent housing. One ofthose girls had stayed at the hörne longer man usual (six years) due to a medical condition that required expensive medicine. She moved out in March, after tests showed that she was much improved and no longer needed her treatment. The last 3 months of the school year there were 7 girls living at House of Hope. They are pictured to the right during a meal at my apartment in Sibiu. It looks pretty skimpy in this picture, since we were eating brownies, but they did not eat just one! Four of the girls in this picture are sisters. They come from a large family in a village 30 miles from Sibiu. The family could afford to send just one girl to high school, since they have to pay rent for an apartment in town. Living at House of Hope enables all fourgirls to continue their education. They are all good students. One goes to university and the rest were in high school. These girls planned to come back in the fall, äs well äs the others in the picture. Four more girls want to come, so there will probably be 11 girls, the highest number we have had! I am currently in the States. When I left Romania, in early September the school year had not started. I will return to Sibiu on October 9 and will see if all the girls were able to come.

The ministry to seniors continues with almost 40 residents living in the building. There is a doctor who visits the residents on a regulär basis and nurses who work there, äs well. From word of mouth and a website, people have discovered this Christian home for seniors. This is the first generation of such homes in Romania and, unfortunately, people are not keeping their elderly relatives at home like they used to. One man's daughter-in-law did not want him in her home anymore, even tbough he had bis own room and had given bis home to this couple if they would care for him. There are many other stories like this one. The girls continue to spent time one evening a week with the elderly folks, which both age groups enjoy.


Because of state regulations (even though this is a private home), House of Hope needed to install an elevator this year. The original understanding was that next year would be soon enough. The elevator was built onto the side of the building and was started in May and completed in August. There was money to pay for 1/3 of the cost (total was over $30,000) and the rest was paid for by receiving a loan from an American friend. The loan needs to be paid off and we currently have A of this money. Please pray that we would be able to pay off this debt in the next few months. It has been a great help for those who cannot walk up and down the stairs. Many folks were able to go outside this summer for fresh air in the courtyard. In the second picture (finished product), you can see the doors for the elevator are on the side by the outside doors of the building. They do have to go outside to get into the elevator, but this arrangement is much cheaper than putting the elevator inside the


The administrators and directors are doing all they can to pinch pennies in providing food for House of Hope. Even though it was a hot and dry summer, the garden flourished because of daily watering. This would not have been possible without digging the well several years ago (which you helped to do). The freezers are füll of vegetables and much canning has been done. This summer the home started raising chicks until they were big enough to eat. They also have four pigs, which will give them pork to eat all through the winter.

I am in contact with several of the girls who have left the home over the years. Most of them are still in the Sibiu area and working the Jobs they started to work while at the Home. Some of them still come to church. We are very thankful for their becoming successful members of society. Had House of Hope not been there for them, most would have been on the streets, with some probably trapped into human trafficking. Thank you for your part of giving them a chance.
If you desire to send in a contribution, please send it to Greater Europe Mission, P.O. Box 1669, Monument, CO 80132. Designate it for House of Hope. Thank you so much for your part in this ministry. We really appreciate it!

God Bless You!

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