Dear friends,

the following has been sent to us by Mimi and Cornel:

We are glad to tell you a little bit about Selimbar. All of the girls are well and school runs smoothly. We are especially happy about two of the girls who really want to be baptized and take part in a course about the christian faith. The other girls who have been believers for a while now visit our seniors twice a week in the evening to sing christian songs with them, read the bible and talk about God, faith and other things like that. They have been doing this for quite a while now and still enjoy it.

In Sibiu, in the local church „Bethania“, a play was staged that was performed on three evenings. The acteurs were young people from the church and their parts mirrored everyday life: a christian family coming home from church, a mother and her daughter doing the shopping, young people having a party, … But all of them die eventually and stand in front of the heavenly doors. Some of them enter it and some of them do not. A very moving performance. A couple of girls who used to live in Selimbar took part in this play too: Ana-Maria Varga, Irina Bombi and Marina.

The work with the seniors also works out well. We finished a room that offers space to do some exercise or get a massage. The ones that can still get around are welcome to use it and do some sports. The other ones get a massage in their rooms or undergo physiotherapy.

In the behalf of us, the girls, the seniors and the staff we would like to send the best wishes to our friends in Germany, who support our project.

We would like to thank you for any of support whether prayer or financial means. May God bless you and let you know that we also pray for you.

Special greetings and thanks to you and your family for everything you did this year. May God continue to bless, protect and guide you.

Mimi and Cornel

The Doll

I was hurrying through different shops to get the last presents on this morning of December 24th. When I saw the crowd I thought that it might take forever to get hold of everything and there were still other places I needed to go to... Christmas becomes more stressful every year. Sometimes I wish I would simply fell asleep and wake up when everything is done. I tried to get through to the toy department anyway. Once I was there I marvelled at the enormous prices. Searching for a suitable present I noticed a little boy about five years old who looked at a doll, lost in his thought. All in all he looked sad to me. I wondered for whom he had chosen this doll. Right then he turned around to an elderly woman and asked her: „Grandma are you sure I haven't got enough money?“ The elderly woman answered: „My love, you know exactly that you can not afford this doll.“ Afterwards she asked him to wait for her in the toy department until she had finished her shopping. The boy still pressed the doll to his chest. I walked over to him and asked him for whom we had chosen the pretty doll. „It is the doll my sister wanted for christmas. She is convinced that Santa Clause will bring it to her.“ I assured him that Santa surely knew what his sister wanted for christmas. That he did not need to worry. Still he sadly answered: „Santa Clause is not able to bring it to her. He can not go where she is. I need to give this doll to my mother because she can take it with her, when she goes.“ His eyes were filled with tears. „My sister is in heaven. My father says that mum will go to heaven soon, too. So I thought that she could take the doll with her when she leaves.“ While I was listening to the little boy I forgot all about the pre-christmas stress. „I asked my father to tell mum to wait until I am back with her leaving for heaven.“ Then he showed me a picture of himself, showing a carefree and happy face. „I would like my mum to take this picture with her so that she doesn't forget me. I love my mum very much and I wish she would stay with us. But dad says that she has to join my sister.“ Again he looked at the doll. I searched for my purse and told him to count his money again in case there might be anough now. I helped him counting and added some money without him noticing. He said: „Thank you God, that you gave me enough money!“ He looked at me and said: „ Yesterday I prayed to God that I would have enough money to buy the doll for my sister. And I hope that there will be enough money to buy a white rose for my mother, too! She loves white roses.“

Some minuts later the elderly lady returned and I said good bye to the boy. I finished my shopping with a very different attitude than this morning. I could not forget the little boy. Suddenly I remembered an article in the newspaper I had read two days ago. It had been about a drunk driver who hit another car with a young woman and her little daughter. The little girl died right there and the severely injured mother had been taken to the hospital. She was in coma since. Was this the little boy's family?

Two days after I met the little boy I read another article about a young woman you had had an accident four days ago. She died of her injuries. I could not help myself but buy a bunch of white roses, go to the church, where the young woman was laid out. She was there. There was a white rose in her hand, a doll and the picture of the little boy from the department store.

When I went home I wondered at the great love the little boy felt for his sister and his mother . Life can change within a second and nothing is as it used to be.

Author unknown





September 2013


Dear Friends,

I am so happy and grateful that I was finally able to visit Rumania again after taking an enforced break that took a year. However I had to realize that it does not become easier to recover from the journeys once you get older. I find it hard to take things easier and reduce the number of journeys.

More and more parts of the motorway called A1 (the North-South connection between Arad and Bukarest over Sibiu) are being opened to the public traffic. Taking an optimistic guess I would say that it will be possible to take the motorway from Hamburg to Sibiu in the middle of 2014. The main road in Selimbar has been finished too. It has got a very nice grass verge between the pedestrian and the street. 

Sadly the officials have not yet kept their promise to build „our“ road though. Still - if slowly, things are changing in Rumania.

During our visit the yield of our garden was beeing prepared and stowed for the winter so that we do not need to buy any further fruit, vegetables or meat during those colder months.

After three of the girls had to leave our house because of their awful behaviour, it has become quite and unanimous again. The gils made up a plan, who helps with what and when with the housework. Right now 14 girls live at the house and every available place is taken.



It gives me great pleasure to see how hard-working they are whether it concerns school, university or – as I mentionend earlier – housework. One night we all sat togehter and thanks to Rebecca's knowledge of the German language we were able to have a conversation.

There is still an amount of € 13.000,- to be paid but we are grateful that there is time until Dezember 2014 to pay this money back.

Earlier this year this oven was built (then still with Nicu's help). Thanks to it self-made bread can be enjoyed. Lately it was used to cook and prepare food for the winter.

With the help of a teacher from a german primary school called St. Michaelisdonn 35 children turned shoe boxes into gift boxes containing toys, stationary, sweets as well as one or the other piece of clothing. Originally it was planned that there would be boxes for boys and boxes for girls but once we got them it was not visible which one was which. Because we thought it might get tough once the children will be asked to exchange things with somebody we opend all the boxes and reorganized them.

Yours sincerely, Ehrhart




                                                                                                                                                   Dear Friends,

one or the other might find the quote above unsuitable. However I would like to share our – this is my wife's Edith and mine – current situation with you through this quote. Initially we were planning to travel to Rumania again on the 1st of April. At the beginning of March we got seriously ill ( flu virus) though, and it became more and more gravly. Because I was not able to breathe properly at some stage I had to go to the hospital. Three days later Edith had a circulation break down. Thanks to the caring help of the Tabea-Staff she was brought to the hospital in sufficient time.

As I was laying in my bed in hospital, connected to several supply tubes, resignation came and the feeling of darkness. Everything had been planed and organised perfectly, all the material had been ready to be loaded. I had been especially happy about a donation of round about 300kg of high-quality juice. And now...? All of this for nothing. A lot of callings had to be done to cancel everything. I did it with a sadden heart. 49 journeys worked out well, 23 years without any personal hinderings – it was very hard for me to understand why all of a sadden this shouldn't be the case anymore. When you have to lie in bed, helplessly, your thoughts beginn circeling questioning what is happening an why. But there is no answer.

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