May 2014

Dear Friend of House of Hope,
Greetings and blessings to you on a glorious spring day! Currently I am in the United States for a two-month visit. This is a good time to write an update, so that those of you who get this letter by postal mail will get it in a timely manner. Actually, it costs more than twice as much to mail a letter from Romania.

Things are going well at House of Hope. The part of the building where the senior citizens live is close to being at capacity most of the time, which is around 45 people. One night a week the girls go to visit the seniors to spend time singing and praying with them. Some of the seniors do not have family members who come to visit, so they are very happy when the girls come to see them.

There are currently 12 girls who are living in the part of the house set aside for them. Ten of them are going to high school. One girl is living there while she looks for a job. She comes from a town an hour away from Sibiu and is a Christian but she comes from a difficult family situation. Cristina is staying at House of Hope until she gets on her feet. The other non-student is a girl who lived at the house before. She has been staying in rental situations, but really cannot afford to save any money from month to month. Until she can save up money to buy an efficiency apartment, Irina will stay at the house. She is a strong believer, but has some mental deficits that keep her from having a job that pays very much. If she is finally able to buy a place of her own, she can survive from month to month on the money she makes. Many of the former residents have been able to buy apartments.

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