December 2017

My dear friends of Rumania,

At the moment the german government does not seem to act lovingly, it does not seem to behave understandingly or act like a team. It is rather discriminating, there are power struggles and selfishness. I cannot feel any of the joy- and peaceful message that lies within Christmas time from those in charge. Therefore at least we should try to give a kind word, offer a hand during this special time of year. It is not a lot and yet it can break the ice.

We are very happy and grateful again and again for the girls that are entrusted to our care. Although I should better say: those young Ladies. They are very diligent and their work is being honoured with good grades. Our dear friend Beverly is teaching them English every week.
42 children from Copsa Mica (see pictures below) attended this year’s holiday camp. In Copsa Mica car tyres were burnt to generate electricity during the time of the dictator Ceaucascu. When I was there in the nineties I became a witness of the environment: Everything, houses, trees, plant and even the playing children were covered in soot. If you want to get more information about this place, find this link:


Two other groups came from Medias (40 people) and from a children’s home in Ocna Mures (38 children). Most of them grow up in non-christian families. We pray that it will turn out to be a good and lasting experience for them.

IMG 1168

We were able to recruit a caretaker. His name is Baragan Nicolae Adrian (27) and he will start at 1st November. He comes from a Christian household and has got three brothers.

Industrial ruins in Copsa Mica – while the factories were operating everything was covered in a thick layer of soot.

A blessed Christmas time and all the best for 2017

Ehrhart Weider



with a little luck no one has to stay alone at Christmas
Anna walked through the little alley that lead to the market place. Big and sparkling snowflakes were falling from the sky, dancing. Once again she had been the last one leaving the office. It was the 24th Dezember and nobody was waiting for her. Her parents died long ago and her sister – newly in love – had gone away for Christmas holidays. Anna wondered whether she should buy a little chistmas tree. It was past 12 already. Decorating the tree would make the afternoon go by quickly. She also needed to buy something to eat. She felt like having a roast goose.

Suddenly a little boy was getting in her way. “Hello, young man. Not so quickly?” She got on her knees besides him. He was rubbing his eyes with his small fists. “Did you fell so hart?” Anna asked worried. “No, that’s not it”, the little boy said sobbing. “Why are you crying then?” Anna asked. “It is the first Christmas without my mother. I am so sad but don’t want my father to know. It is the first time he is in a good mood for a very long time.” “Jakob… where ae you?” Both of them heard the voice. Jakob jumped up. “Please keep my father from me for a moment. I don’t want him to see me like this. In a moment I won’t be crying anymore. And right away he disappeared behind a little wooden house. Anna got up and saw a tall dark haired man emerge from behind a tree. He was looking around, seeking. “Did you see a small boy?” His dark voice was pleasant. Ana was a little bit unsure how to handle the situation. “A boy? … no!”, she stuttered. “Where did he go?”
His body grew weary, his eyes sad. “My wife died last January in a car accident. For the children it is the first Christmas without their mother. It is very difficult for me to organize this day. My daughter Maike lies in bed with a fever. There is a goose in my bag even though I do not know how to cook it. I always decorated the tree while my wife prepared the food. I am very sorry. I do not know why I am telling you all this. My name is Max von Berlau.” Anna waited a moment then she heard herself say: “My name is Anna Klinger. I can make the very best roast goose. What do you say if I join you and while you decorate the tree with the children I take care of the meal.” “Anna, you would do this for us?” The boy who had listened to all this behind the little wooden house, came around the corner. “Yes, I haven’t bought any food yet, not even a Christmas tree” Anna replied. Max smiled, a tree behind his back. “Oh dad, the tree is wonderful!” Jakob cheered. Max and Anna looked at each other and laughed. All of them got into the car.
That’s life. Sometimes you need to do unusual things to become happy.

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