Dear Friend of House of Hope,
I apologize that you have not heard from me for so long. That does not mean that the ministry of House of Hope is not moving forward. It certainly is and I want to get you up to date. I know the last time you heard from me was in December of 2017. I am currently in Ohio, where I am helping care for my mother who is now 92 years old and having some problems with her health. She is still able to get out to church most of the time on Sunday morning, though.When I left Romania 6 weeks ago, House of Hope had 85 residents and 30 employees. There have been some things completed in this past year to move forward on the indoor improvements and outdoor ones, as well. Inside, all the money that was required for the Fire Department upgrades has now been paid off and that was a huge answer to prayer. Currently, our facility is the only one for seniors in the city that is fully authorized, having passed all the inspection points by the Fire Department. On the top floor 6 more rooms with bathrooms were created. Sixteen other rooms were remodeled, making the entry doors and shower areas wheelchair-friendly. Thirty beds that are hospital-style (with remote controls for lowering and raising different sections) have replaced the old ones. Screens were placed on all the windows.

At the end of this letter, I will put two pictures – one of apple trees that are so loaded that you will see poles put in place to hold up the branches. The other picture is of the many small fruit bushes that were donated by a lady in Germany. The residents enjoy strawberries (not on bushes, of course), blueberries, and raspberries, plus other kinds of fruit trees beside apple. The garden did very well this year. All of these in-house measures greatly reduce the food bill each month.
The picture to the right shows the newest piglets to arrive at House of Hope this past August. For some reason, these 10 pigs wanted to be very close together. They will eventually supply a lot of meat for the residents. The House continues to raise chickens for another source of meat. The animals are now in a cement block building, which is up to standards. Also a new small cement block building with tile flooring has been put up in the back of the main building for a clean area to cut up and package the meat. It is also used for making batches of eggplant spread (vinete) and a red pepper spread (zacusca), which will be enjoyed throughout the winter.

In the coming year, there will be more remodeling to be done in the building, which is now 15 years old. The elevator, which was installed on the outside, needs new doors and more protection from the elements in the winter.

I left before the girls who live at the Barlea’s home came back from their summer vacations. The plan was to have 9 again this year. Three of these girls had plans to attend university and the others will be in high school. When I return to Romania, I will be working with several of them on their English skills. As you recall, the girls in high school attend the Christian High School in Sibiu. These girls have an opportunity to attend high school that they would not have in their own villages (where there are schools for the first 8 grades only). These girls are under the umbrella of House of Hope. The next time I write, I will include a picture of them.

Thank you so much for your prayers and financial gifts that have allowed this ministry to thrive and to share the gospel with theses seniors, many of whom are hearing the gospel for the first time. Pray for the directors, nurses, doctor, cooks, and others who labor for the benefit of these seniors. If you are led to make a contribution, the address is Greater Europe Mission, P.O. Box 1669, Monument, CO 80132. Please designate it for House of Hope on a separate piece of paper. Thank you.

God bless you,



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